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Season 70...

Ladies and gentlemen...If you have a piece of candy, please unwrap it now and hide it in a convenient  pocket. Please refrain from taking selfies with your neighbor during the show.Texting during the show is also a big "no no." Oh, you may as well just shut it off, sit back and relax...the shows are about to begin.


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Audition for. . .


Directed by Laura Wurzell

Music Direction by Rob Stull

Sept 10th @ 7:00
Sept 13th @ 1:00

NKCT Workshop
Corner of Carl and George in New Ken

Show Runs:
Oct  22 - 25 at Penn State New Ken

Those Auditioning should prepare any song in the musical
 theatre genre and be prepared to sing from the show.








"Art imitates life far more
than life imitates art."  

                    Oscar Wild







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